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Plants – Science

Fun Facts:

If you didn’t already know, Bees aren’t the only insects that collect pollen. Other than bees, there are also insects like:
flies, beetles, moths, butterflies, wasps, ants, birds, and bats. They also collect pollen.

Plants need to be pollinated in order to reproduce. Without pollen the plants will not be able to produce seeds or fruits as well as the next generation of plants. That’s why plants NEED pollination.

Each and every plant species produces their own unique looking pollen. They say that with the help of a microscope they are able to tell which plant it is based on the pollen.


My favourite thing about the trip to Motat was playing around with my group and dancing on the park. We were all tried and rested in the tunnel. I also enjoyed the Tram ride, because my whole group was together and laughing. But my highlight for that day was when me and my group were singing, dancing and just messing around when all the groups left to walk around and explore.

Here are some photos of my group and just Motat in general


Yesterday (Thursday 29th June) Team Tui went on a trip to Motat.

The bus ride to Motat was alright, I was talking to my friends and didnt realise we already arrived.

My sister was our parent and we all pretty much had a good time, despite having to chase some people around.

That day was full of laughter and smiles.



Orange and Water Experiment

Orange + Water Experiment

To see if the orange/fruit floats or sinks.

Hypothesis/Prediction (What I think will happen and why?)

My group predicted that the orange and lemon would sink due to the weight. Although I had mixed emotions about the orange sinking, I still agreed. As for the Kiwi fruit and mandarin we thought it would float since it was a smaller and lighter fruit.


Bucket of Water, and your fruits.


Get a bucket of water, fill it up with water just below halfway. Grab all your fruits and put them in the water. Now see if your predictions are right or wrong. Once you got all your answers for the fruit, peel the skin off and put them into the water once more. Now you may see that they might be different. Once your done writing everything down you can go put the water out and clean your mess.


I saw that once we take the skin off the fruit it’s different. The orange, lemon, and mandarin sank once the skin was peeled but as for the kiwi fruit it still sank to the bottom.


In the end all of our predictions were wrong.

Science Report

Title: Air pressure experiment

To understand air pressure.

Hypothesis/Prediction (What I think will happen and why?)

K: My hypothesis is that the air pressure from the hair dryer will make the ping pong ball float. The reason I think it will float is because the air will be pressing against the light ball that will lift the ball, making it float.

A: I think all that would happen is that the ping pong ball will just float depending on the pressure of the air.


A hair dryer and a ping pong ball.


Grab a hair dryer, and a ping pong ball. Basically all you need to do is plug the hair dryer in, place the ball on top then turn it on. Now the ping pong ball should float.


K&A: Once we plugged the hair dryer in and turned it on and put the ping pong ball it flew away. When we put it on and then turned the hair drier on, it started floating for a while. Once it floats for an average amount of time it starts to stay stiff in the air. It did this best at the middle or second setting.


In the end the ping pong ball levitated because of gravity and air pressure pushing against each other.

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