Science Report

Title: Air pressure experiment

To understand air pressure.

Hypothesis/Prediction (What I think will happen and why?)

K: My hypothesis is that the air pressure from the hair dryer will make the ping pong ball float. The reason I think it will float is because the air will be pressing against the light ball that will lift the ball, making it float.

A: I think all that would happen is that the ping pong ball will just float depending on the pressure of the air.


A hair dryer and a ping pong ball.


Grab a hair dryer, and a ping pong ball. Basically all you need to do is plug the hair dryer in, place the ball on top then turn it on. Now the ping pong ball should float.


K&A: Once we plugged the hair dryer in and turned it on and put the ping pong ball it flew away. When we put it on and then turned the hair drier on, it started floating for a while. Once it floats for an average amount of time it starts to stay stiff in the air. It did this best at the middle or second setting.


In the end the ping pong ball levitated because of gravity and air pressure pushing against each other.

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