Day: June 20, 2022

Orange and Water Experiment

Orange + Water Experiment

To see if the orange/fruit floats or sinks.

Hypothesis/Prediction (What I think will happen and why?)

My group predicted that the orange and lemon would sink due to the weight. Although I had mixed emotions about the orange sinking, I still agreed. As for the Kiwi fruit and mandarin we thought it would float since it was a smaller and lighter fruit.


Bucket of Water, and your fruits.


Get a bucket of water, fill it up with water just below halfway. Grab all your fruits and put them in the water. Now see if your predictions are right or wrong. Once you got all your answers for the fruit, peel the skin off and put them into the water once more. Now you may see that they might be different. Once your done writing everything down you can go put the water out and clean your mess.


I saw that once we take the skin off the fruit it’s different. The orange, lemon, and mandarin sank once the skin was peeled but as for the kiwi fruit it still sank to the bottom.


In the end all of our predictions were wrong.